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Organizational Tips for Apartment Owners

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When working with limited space, it can be challenging to organize your home in a pleasant yet practical way. It’s important to be mindful of the area you’re working with in order to truly transform your space into the home of your dreams! If the confines of apartment living are getting you down, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of organizational tips and tricks to keep your space looking as grand and gorgeous as ever!


1.   Declutter Your Home


The most daunting part of the organization process will likely be decluttering your space. Though overwhelming, this is a vital piece of the puzzle. In order to create an open, airy ambience for your apartment, you’ll have to evaluate which items truly play a role in the home. Items that have no value to you or are beyond repair should either be donated or thrown away. If you’re struggling with what to keep, consider asking a friend or family member to tag along so they can weigh in on your decisions. Rather than tackling the entire home at once, dedicate a day to decluttering each room, so you can zero in on every detail. If you come across something that doesn’t belong, set it in a separate bin and return to it later. This’ll help you stay the course, eliminating distractions as you take on each space.


2.   Discover Underbed Storage


If you’re not sure where to store your out-of-season clothing and trinkets, the solution may be a household essential that everyone owns! Underbed storage is one of the best ways to create more space in your cozy abode. You can raise your bed to different degrees in order to achieve this. You might first consider a lofted bed to fully take advantage of the room underneath. You can add a desk or tons of shelving here to fit all of your essentials. If you want an extra relaxation spot, just add a bean bag and some comfy blankets. For those who don’t need as much storage, consider raising your bed just a couple feet off the ground to accommodate for your belongings. Common items to store here are bins of clothes, books, keepsakes, and off-season decor. You could also place blankets or pillows here for easy access throughout the night.


3.   Take Advantage of Closet Space


If your apartment doesn’t come with ample closet space, not to worry! There are plenty of ways to play around with what you’ve got, creating more storage options than you could ever imagine. By investing in closet organizers, dividers, and shelving, you can fit twice as many clothes, shoes, and accessories into your space. Stack non-delicate clothing, like sweaters and jeans, on shelves behind your hanging clothes. You can also purchase multi-level hangers to stack several items on top of each other, preventing a crowded-looking closet. This can be especially helpful for skirts and pants that take up too much space individually. Organize your closet into sections for specific items or occasions. This’ll make it easier to navigate things in the long run. Lastly, take advantage of your wall space! This could be the perfect home for bins of accessories and jewelry. At Sierra Gateway, our spacious closets give residents plenty of room to fit all of their belongings with ease!


4.   Use Multi-Purpose Furniture


When it comes to apartment living, you have to be mindful of your limitations. Though it may be tempting to pack in all of your favorite furniture, it’s important to focus on the essentials. Make sure you integrate multi-purpose furniture throughout your home to double the storage solutions in your space. Many ottomans and footrests open up to storage space for blankets, remotes, and knickknacks. Consider coffee tables that come with drawers, so you can pack them with magazines, coasters, and more. Bedframes with drawers are another option for those with limited space. These drawers can house spare sheets, pajamas, and books. Don’t forget about bar carts! The beauty of bar carts is that they truly elevate the look of your home while also offering endless storage opportunities. Bar carts can be placed anywhere—they’re not just confined to the bar scene. They can be used to spruce up your kitchen, your living room, and your bedroom! Fill these carts with items essential to each space.


5.   Utilize Wall Space


If you still haven’t considered the possibilities of vertical space, it’s time to take on this valuable terrain! Wall space provides another great opportunity for storing and stocking household items. Consider adorning your walls with hanging shelves or hooks to maximize your storage options. Shelves can house items like books, plants, and keepsakes. Hooks can be used for easy access to essentials like keys and jackets. Bookshelves are another great option for stacking belongings in a chic and coordinated way. Other than books, these can hold decorative or functional items like plants, picture frames, and candles. Best of all, they present an opportunity to be fearlessly creative. The possibilities are endless, so start scouring those Pinterest boards for inspo now! Don’t forget to check the terms of your lease or consult your landlord before getting started.


6.   Develop Organizational Habits


Though somewhat obvious, this step is likely the most crucial of them all. Making a point to foster organizational habits will be beyond beneficial in the long run. There are countless ways to keep organization at the forefront as you go about your day-to-day life. When making breakfast, go out of your way to clean the counters and restore ingredients as you go. After getting dressed, be sure to put away the clothing you’ve decided against. Ultimately, being mindful of your space will help you create habits to last a lifetime!


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