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Amenities to Consider When You’re Apartment Hunting - Sierra Gateway Blog

Amenities to Consider When You’re Apartment Hunting

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Amenities to Consider When You’re Apartment Hunting


The stress of moving to a new apartment is often overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to discovering your dream home. It’s important to create a list of apartment features that are essential to your day-to-day living. But don’t stress—we’re here to lessen the workload! Read on for some of the top amenities people consider when scouting out their new spot!

  1. Appliance Check

Appliances play a large role in the home, so it’s important to bear in mind which apartments offer the appliances you need. Some of the most essential appliances to take note of are washers, dryers, fridges, dishwashers, and stoves. How will these household staples play into your day-to-day life? Are you over the hassle of laundry day? Then an on-site washer and dryer would definitely top your priority list. Do you and your loved ones like playing chef? Then a fridge, a stove, and likely a dishwasher would be a part of your dream space.

  1. Stay Fit  

If staying fit is a priority to you, then make sure your new home includes all you need to stay on track with your fitness goals. An on-site gym is a great way for residents to get their workouts in without the hassle of commute and pricy memberships. Remember to tour the area or check out their amenity description online to ensure they have all the machines and equipment to meet your needs. At Sierra Gateway, we take great pride in our awesome, state-of-the-art fitness center!

  1. Parking Preference

One of the most important factors to consider during the hunt for your new home is their parking options. Does your apartment offer garage parking or is street parking your only hope? You might also consider convenience for your guests—when friends and family come to visit, will they be able to find a spot?

  1.  Take a Dip

Pools are one of the main features people consider when searching for their dream apartment. Families are particularly interested in pools because they’re a great way to keep kids cool and content during the summer. Do pool days, lounging, and suntanning sound tempting to you? Then be sure to place this at the top of your priority list when you start your search. Click here to see Sierra Gateway’s stunning, resort-style pool!

  1. If Walls Could Talk

Consider the fact that apartments often have shared walls between residents. If you’re particular about your privacy, then this is definitely something to look into. You might not care as much about living room privacy than you would bedroom privacy, so get in contact with the landlord to learn for certain which walls are shared, if any.

  1. Make an Entrance

Some apartments certainly know how to make an entrance, others not so much. Are you into extravagant lobbies or just easy access to your space? Entrance security is another major topic of discussion. Would you feel more at home with extra security measures in place? Contact the landlord about security patrols and key card access if that’s something you’re interested in.

  1. Shared Space

Does your ideal apartment have a lobby, clubhouse, or study lounge? Be sure to tour these common areas and make sure they are kept in good condition. Take note of how the hallways, stairwells, and elevators are maintained too. This will give an indication of how maintenance cares for the property overall.  

  1. Furry Friends

Is your furry friend joining in on the move? Make sure your apartment, first and foremost, allows pets on the property. If they do, check out their pet policy to gain insight on fees and restrictions. Do they offer any special services or amenities for your companions? At Sierra Gateway Apartment Homes, we welcome your furry friends with open arms! You can read our pet policy here!

Your Dream Apartment Awaits…

Are you searching for an apartment home in the Rocklin, CA area? Then check out Sierra Gateway Apartment Homes to discover your dream community! Sierra’s stunning property includes many of the above amenities and more! Click the link to peruse our floor plans, photo gallery, and full list of amenities now!

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  1. It’s great that this article talked that one of the most important factors in your apartment would be your furniture. My close buddy informed me a few nights ago that she was hoping to find a luxury and pet-friendly apartment that could provide a suitable and cozy home function. She asked if I had opinions on the best apartment options to consider. I’m thankful for this informative article. I’ll tell her we can try to consult a well-known luxury apartment as they can provide facts about the apartments.

  2. Jessie Holloway:

    Thanks so much for talking about the importance of assessing how important some household appliances are to you so you can make sure to find an apartment that has the ones you need. I have a friend who wants to move out of his living situation and move into an apartment of his own. We’ve been looking into finding a place he can afford that is upfront about rent and amenities so he can be prepared.


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