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Ways to Maximize Your Space in a Small Apartment

Ways to Maximize Your Space in a Small Apartment

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Ways to Maximize Your Space in a Small Apartment


Are you wondering how you can make the most of the space in your new apartment? If the size of your place is less than ideal, not to worry! We have the 411 on all the tips to make your living area look and feel larger than it appears. It’s all about getting creative, so continue reading for some clever tips on the small space-dweller.


1.   Tidy Up


Time to finally face that daunting task—decluttering. Set aside time to go through your belongings, keepsakes, and memorabilia to decide what’s worth keeping. The key here is practicality, but there are still some items worth keeping if they hold a certain kind of sentimental value. This could be anything spanning from old family pictures to your first diary. Repeat your decluttering routine at least once a year, and you will be destined for success! 


2.   Hidden Gems


Are you wondering where to store all your stuff that made the cut? Interior design has recently been keen on multi-functional furniture. Why is this good news for you? That cute ottoman you saw at World Market not only serves style—it also has built-in storage for all your keepsakes and knick-knacks. Coffee tables are also a must. Just browse through West Elm’s vast array of stylish tables with drawers and storage space to hide all your belongings.


3.   Level Up


Rather than stacking storage bins that will clutter up your floors, investing in some stylish shelves will do you well! A lot of times, we don’t think of our walls as a source of storage, but in reality, they’re the best way to organize your space! Pick out some shelves that stand out to you and start filling them with all your knick-knacks—don’t forget to integrate some plants and coffee table books to tie it all together!


4.   Wall-Talk


As we continue with the wall decor theme, you’ll find there are so many possibilities to explore! Walls promote versatility to no end which is essential for the small apartment owner! Are you worried about ruining the walls of your place? Have no fear—walls can be easily patched up to look as good as new! Let your imagination run wild! Hang up some shoe racks, accessory organizers, and more! That new Oliver Gal surfboard you just got? Pick the perfect spot for its home and voilà!


5.   Break it Down


Organization cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping your living area neat is the key to maximizing your space! Consider breaking your apartment down into different sections. This mindset will help you keep everything in its place. One helpful tip is to place an item in between each of the sections to highlight the boundary. This could be something as subtle as a coaster or as vivid as a houseplant—the possibilities are endless!


6.   Tips and Tricks


When all else fails, try out these last few tips and tricks—we promise they won’t disappoint! Make the most of your light sources, no matter what they are. Time to open up those curtains and let the natural light in! The fresh air will help your place feel brighter and more spacious in no time. Experiment with color! By adorning your space with lighter colors like whites, neutrals, and grays, you’ll create a much more open, inviting living space! Incorporate some mirrors to reflect the light in clever ways, resulting in a spacious look for your less-than-large apartment!


7.   Make Your Mark


One final piece of advice—own your space. This is your home and your safe haven. You have a full creative license on this one, so don’t hold back. If conventional decor doesn’t speak to you, throw out the rule book and start over. What makes you feel most at home?


One Last Thing!


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