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Functional Décor Items Every Apartment Needs

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When it comes to apartment living, there’s usually not much space to work with. That’s where your creativity comes in! The types of decor you choose and the way you arrange things can truly make all the difference. If you’re discouraged by the square footage, not to worry! There are plenty of tips and tricks to help maximize your space and transform your place into the sanctuary of your dreams! Read on to discover some functional decor items that every apartment home needs!


1.   Light Furniture


When you’re working with limited space, it’s important to keep things light. By opting for lean furniture items, your apartment will seem much more spacious. Although it might be tempting to go for the huge and cushy sofa, pieces like this will be too visually overwhelming. Instead of choosing that rectangular coffee table, a cute circular one would work just as well! You should also be careful to not let superfluous furniture pieces crowd up your space. If you stick to the basics, you can never go wrong. It’s important to step back and evaluate which pieces are truly essential to your place. Once you’ve pared it down, try rearranging things. By experimenting with different layouts, you’ll eventually discover the perfect set-up for your place that serves both style and function!


2.   Mirrors


One of the many ways you can maximize the space you’re working with is by adding mirrors. By placing mirrors around your apartment, you’re providing the illusion that there is much more to a room. Opt for some larger mirrors and stage them in a way that reflects natural light around the room. Here at Sierra Gateway, our modern apartment homes include ample natural lighting in each of our floorplans! Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Are you leaning towards a regal look or a more modern vibe? Select ones that are most complementary to your current decor style to complete your space.


3.   Shelving  


It’s easy to overlook the wall space in your apartment, but ultimately, this valuable terrain will be your saving grace throughout the decorative process! By taking advantage of your wall space, you’ll both free up floor space and create more storage in your less-than-roomy apartment. Shelving can be added to every room of your home, and you can fill them with whatever is relevant to each space. In the living room, you can deck them out with books, plants, or picture frames. In the bathroom, skincare items or cleaning products. In the kitchen, glassware, spices, or anything fit for a pantry.


4.   Multi-Purpose Furniture


Exploring different storage options is a must when dealing with confined spaces. If your apartment wasn’t blessed with generous storage, it’d be wise to invest in some multi-purpose furniture. These pieces will likely include ottomans, benches, and underbed storage. Ottomans and benches are chic and practical, many having lids that open up to storage for blankets, magazines, or knickknacks. Underbed storage can be raised into a bedside table or fold away to create more space. Fill these shelves with remotes, spare sheets, or anything else you’d want easy access to. Ultimately, these multi-purpose pieces are your best bet at adding storage while also maintaining a roomy, luxurious atmosphere.


5.   Baskets


Woven and cotton and wire, oh my. The decorative possibilities of baskets are endless! Not only are baskets becoming hugely popular as decor items, they’re a great space-saving strategy for the apartment owner. These striking elements can be used just about anywhere in the home and can hold practically anything! Add some clear baskets to your laundry room for essentials like tide pods, dryer sheets, and scent boosters. In your workspace, baskets can house planners, binders, and electronics. Perhaps the best room to implement the basket method is the closet. Inside a variety of cohesive baskets, you can neatly fold and stack clothes to minimize mess. It may serve you well to divide your baskets into sections—clothing, shoes, and accessories. That way, you can quickly identify your must-haves when in a bind.


6.   Kitchen Storage


The way you plan out your storage in the kitchen most definitely has an impact on your living space. Consider a variety of cabinet and counter organizers that both establish a complete-looking space and create more storage opportunities. Sierra Gateway’s spacious kitchens are designed with plenty of counter space and a variety of cabinets for residents to take advantage of! Cabinet doors are a great place to store spices, cutting boards, and cleaning supplies. Counter organizers store coffee pods, cereal, and utensils in a neat and stylish way. Is your pantry full to the brim? Start removing snacks from their boxes and place them in clear jars on your kitchen island. This will help with easy access as well as reminding you of what you have.


7.   Bar Carts


Bar carts, aside from their stylish appearance, pose an opportunity to keep essential household items within reach. These carts will undoubtedly elevate the ambiance of your space. Besides their sleek and sophisticated look, they have an added perk of providing storage! Contrary to their name, you can deck them out with pretty much anything! Some common items to display here, besides bar essentials, are flowers, books, and picture frames. A bedside bar cart could include remotes, coasters, and candles. A kitchen bar cart could display spices, glassware, and dishware. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it—the sky is the limit!



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