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How to Avoid Apartment Decor Faux Pas

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Settling into a new space can feel beyond overwhelming. Aside from the stress of hauling your belongings around, the decorative process carries just as much weight. Interior decorating is no simple task, so it’s crucial to invest the time and effort needed for your vision to fully take shape. There are plenty of common faux pas when it comes to home decor, but we’ve compiled a list of methods to overcome these, perfecting the not-so-humble abode you’ve always dreamed of!


1.   Make Use of Unconventional Space


It’s easy to get discouraged by your limited space, but remember that your decor opportunities are virtually endless. Make the most of your close quarters by investing in multi-use storage solutions. Stylish furniture pieces like couches and ottomans often open up to space for storing everyday items. Though most people overlook them, be sure to take advantage of your wall and ceiling space! Shelves, picture frames, and light fixtures are fun ways to add some flair to your space while also being conscious of the square footage. Before you begin sprucing up your space, contact your landlord to make sure your decorative ambitions are within reason.


2.   Treat Each Room as a Separate Entity


While your new place may be small, it’s still important to differentiate between each room. Each space serves its own function and is therefore deserving of an equally unique ambience. By designing each room interchangeably, you’ll not only miss out on ample decor opportunities, you’ll also make organization impossible to maintain. Keep in mind that your home should still have an overall decorative theme. You could apply your chosen theme in several different ways according to each space.


3.   Use Illusory Decor Elements


Many apartment owners feel as though they can’t expand the look of their modest space, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you make use of these psychological tips and tricks, you can create the illusion that your home is much larger than it is. Start integrating mirrors throughout your space. Go for larger mirrors that you can position to reflect the light. Another trick is to stick with light and narrow furniture. When you leave your floors clear of bulky furniture pieces, you’ll achieve a much more open, airy space. You can also opt for light-colored furniture and decor to accomplish this.


4.   Spice Up Your Ceiling Fixtures


Of all the decorative possibilities in a home, not many think to play with the ceiling fixtures. If you really want to spice up your home, this is essential terrain to take advantage of. Try to avoid bulky chandeliers and ceiling fans that cramp up your space. Instead, opt for dainty fixtures that add some flair to your home. These could include anything from track lights, pendants, or sconces to give a subtle but significant touch to your apartment. Don’t forget to check the terms of your lease before you start making adjustments.


5.   Alternate Home Decor Stores


In the midst of the stressful move-in process, you may be tempted to knock out all your decor purchases at once. But by limiting yourself to one or two stops, you’ll end up having a dull, uninspired living space. On the contrary, delving into too many stores may cause you to stray from your decorative theme. Before making any purchases, take the time to browse through different style options, so you can better define your decor aesthetic. This integral first step will inform the rest of your decorative journey, ideally pulling everything together in the end.


6.   Determine Which Items Are Splurge-Worthy


When settling into a new space, it’s difficult to decide which items are splurge-worthy and which are not. Although you’ll likely look for the highest quality in all of your pieces, certain items will have to take priority. Some furniture pieces like couches, beds, and coffee tables are more of a worthy investment than trivial items like artwork, mirrors, and houseplants. Once you determine what your big-ticket items will be, take some time to scour all the stores to get the fairest prices without compromising the quality.


7.   Emphasize Natural Light


Though there are plenty of benefits to artificial light fixtures, natural light provides a vibrance to your space like nothing else could. Flooding your home with too many artificial sources will create a tonal inconsistency from room to room. By investing in some layered curtains instead of blinds, you’ll allow sunlight to radiate through your space while also being conscious of your privacy.


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