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Mid-Century Modern Décor Tips

Mid-Century Modern Décor Tips

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Mid-Century Modern Decor Tips




An integral part of settling into your space is deciding on a design aesthetic. From French Art Deco to Scandinavian, there are dozens of styles to choose from. Mid-Century Modern (MCM) is one of the most prevalent styles to date. People gravitate most towards its ultra-modern feel and highly functional essence. Whether you’re an interior design pro or just starting out, we’ve got all the tips you need to make your MCM home stand out.


1.   Warm Tones


As you may already know, one of the key features of a Mid-Century Modern home is the classic warm feel of its interiors. Warm color palettes and natural elements draw the living space together in a cozy, tasteful way. There are countless ways to incorporate a warm color palette into your home, whether that be through flooring, furniture, or decor. A warm-toned couch would pair perfectly with cream-colored walls. Add a splash of greenery with flowers or succulents to complete the look and provide a comfy, welcoming vibe to your home.


2.   Wood Elements


Another crucial aspect of the MCM home is wood. To achieve this warmth throughout your home, the possibilities are endless! Interior designers often rely on wood-based furniture and decor pieces to bring a strong foundation to the space. To add a touch of structure and modern flair to your home, opt for pieces like wooden coffee tables, decorative stools, or mirrors. Natural oak and teak are perhaps the most well-known of the Mid-Century Modern wood types. Oak and teak tend to be the perfect neutral base, naturally light enough to be treated with all kinds of stains! They also behave predictably, have great water-resistance, and are incredibly durable. 

3.   Clean Lines


Clean lines are an essential aspect of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. This design style emerged in the mid-20th century and emphasized simplicity, functionality, and seamless integration with nature. Clean lines are crucial to achieving this aesthetic as they eliminate unnecessary ornamentation, resulting in a visually pleasing and straightforward space. This sleek look found in MCM furniture, architecture, and interior design creates a sense of harmony and balance. Clean lines allow the eye to effortlessly navigate a space, promoting a calm and serene environment. Not only do they contribute to a sense of timeless elegance, they also create a functional and harmonious atmosphere.


4.   Contrasting Materials


Contrasting materials play well into the MCM style, adding depth, interest, and character to the overall aesthetic. By bringing organic and industrial elements together, it adds a visual pull to an otherwise simple design style. Opposing textures often bring a sense of complexity and emphasize the craftsmanship of different materials. Whether it’s the warmth of wood against metal or the fragility of glass against stone, the contrasting materials in this striking design style create a dynamic and harmonious interaction.


5.   Pops of Color


MCM homes often feature pops of color to break up the neutral palette. Whether through lively elements like plants or florals, or through decor pieces, adding a pop of color can help brighten up a space and create additional complexity. Try adding a striking painting or an eye-catching sculpture to your living room. If you’d prefer to start small, pick up some playful knick-knacks and style them on your bedroom shelves. Pulling from nature can be a smoother introduction of color to your space and can add a sense of liveliness to the home. A fresh and unexpected palette can add contrast and depth to an otherwise streamlined space, creating a more memorable place to call home.


6.   Minimalism


Minimalism certainly plays a part in the Mid-Century Modern home. Rising to popularity in the 60s, this style was meant to suit the ideal nuclear family, promoting a no-clutter lifestyle. MCM decor pieces combine form and function to play into the overall aesthetic. While Mid-Century Modern design does experiment with bold and dramatic elements, there are still aspects of minimalism that reign supreme. Simple geometry, monochromatic palettes, and clean lines are a few examples of how minimalism shapes the MCM home.


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