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How to Incorporate Art Deco into Your Space - Sierra Gateway Blog

How to Incorporate Art Deco into Your Space

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How to Incorporate Art Deco into Your Space





From mid-century modern to shabby chic, there are countless interior design styles you can aspire to while staging your dream space! One of the most glamorous design trends—art deco—dates back to the 1920s when champagne flutes were raised high and inhibitions were low. Inspired by an era of extravagance, this gaudy design style surely followed suit. If you’re dreaming of a chic and captivating living space, then this aesthetic was destined to grace your home. Keep reading for several ways to integrate the art deco essence into your living space!


1.   Geometry  


When it comes to art deco, one of the most crucial design elements is an emphasis on geometry. Though there are plenty of references to nature, such as animal print wallpaper, palm leaves, wildlife sculptures, and so on, the focus on geometry is quite apparent. From oddly-shaped mirrors to unconventional chandeliers, there are plenty of ways this trend makes its way into this aesthetic. If bold shapes are too flamboyant for your taste, find simpler ways to create contrast in the home. Staging spherical mirrors by square picture frames, for instance, will add a slight distinction to the room, creating a more memorable living space overall.


2.   Patterns


Another trend that’s distinctly art deco is the mixing and matching of patterns throughout the home. As mentioned previously, animal print certainly makes its mark in the art deco space. If your home comes with well-kept tiling, take advantage of that. Play it up with some contrasting prints on a nearby hand towel or curtain. You can also create contrast through color. In a primarily black and white room, add accent pieces with a similar pattern in more vibrant colors. When all else fails, spicing up your space with patterns is one sure way to create an eye-catching living space!


3.   Lighting


Chandeliers are timeless and just as stylish as they are practical, but in the world of art deco, a simple light fixture won’t do. In order to truly glam up your home, you must incorporate chic, eye-catching fixtures to not only light up a room but also brighten your aesthetic. As central as they are to a room, these fixtures can easily make or break a space. Do your fair share of window shopping before committing to such a pricey decor piece. After surveying all the options, you’re sure to find a piece that best satisfies your living space and suits your budget.


4.   Brass Elements


Let’s recall a vital aspect of art deco people often overlook—brass elements. Perhaps the boldest of them all, this metal can be added to the home in a variety of different ways. Mirrors, light fixtures, and handles are just a few brass accents that can really liven up a home. These subtle references to the 20s are a symbol of opulence and extravagance. In an art deco space, they should certainly make an appearance one way or another.


5.   Tiling

As previously emphasized, tiling can truly make or break a space, so choosing one wisely will be central to your art deco aesthetic. In your kitchen or bathroom, choose tiling that best suits your space and complements your other design elements. There are countless colors and shapes to consider while eyeing your options, so make sure to dedicate enough time for the task at hand. Just a few of the many kinds of tile to consider are square, subway, mosaic, and diamond—otherwise known as diagonal. Determine whether you want more of a contemporary or classic feel before breaking the bank on such an investment.


6.   Symmetry

One last thing to bear in mind while giving that art deco feel to your space is the importance of symmetry. A design element that dates back to ancient Greece, symmetry is an essential aspect of a living space. Though art deco homes often play up contrast, there is still an element of harmony to aspire to. Consider composition when toying with geometry in your space—maintaining a sense of stability is key for a well-balanced home. While you can certainly make waves with funky furniture and decor items, try to balance everything out with a similar piece according to size or color. A few accents that can be easily coupled are mirrors, lamps, house plants, and stools. Remember to check the terms of your lease to see which decor items are permitted in your living space.


Welcome To Your Dream Destination!


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